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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Killer with Gauntlet *SoO*BIV MOCKBA
Best Killer with Machine gun [ILM]^ironmonkey
Best Killer with Shot gun fau
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher ^{BLACK}Dii
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher ouunp
Best Killer with Lightning gun bishop
Best Killer with Rail gun oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Killer with Plasma gun [ILM]^Mike_uk
Best Accuracy with Machine gun pride.odin
Best Accuracy with Shot gun fau
Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher -=ASS=-^Toxic
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher Plumse
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun -=ASS=-RICKY!!
Best LG Effectiveness -=ASS=-de_dog
Best Accuracy with Rail gun roxor
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun *DT*Tubylec
Best Overall Accuracy Plumse
Best Fighter oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Effectiveness ^>!<SQUID
Best Tank oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Damage Accuracy Plumse
Excellent Killer *SoO*CCCP.l!ve
Impressive Railer Plumse
Freeze Tag
Best Thawer Agi
Best Thaw Efficiency oKo*WhoAmI?!
Highest Thaw Streak oKo*WhoAmI?!
Maximum Thawer aimer
Highest Thaw Dedication optical
Best Defender oKo*WhoAmI?!
The Terminator korie
Mega Man ^over30|^Cybra*
Shard Man -OfC-...jutuli...
Blue Moon bishop
Armor Man pride.ixsy
Iron Man oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Killer oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Scorer oKo*WhoAmI?!
Best Efficiency oKo*WhoAmI?!
Highest Score per Death oKo*WhoAmI?!
Highest Kill Streak Semisek48
Maximum Killer oKo*WhoAmI?!
Highest Top Score oKo*WhoAmI?!
Highest Performance *DT*bl4h
Best Team Scorer ^>!<Shantu
Best Team Efficiency snek
Best Team Leader oKo*WhoAmI?!
Cleanest Player Plumse
Fair Play fau
Highest Time Played fau
Hall Of Fame
Most Number of Awards oKo*WhoAmI?!
Award Listing for Best killer with plasma gun (top 100)
#Player Name Kills   Games   Kill ratio 
1[ILM]^Mike_uk216 125 1.73
2Danger6 6 1.00
3^>!<KF48 91 0.53
4eXyIsn14 9 0.44
5*SoO*CCCP.l!ve6 14 0.43
6-=ASS=-oab2 9 0.22
7lee12 59 0.20
8pks16 90 0.18
9Sub-Zero1 6 0.17
10^over30|^Cybra*2 16 0.12
11PacMan.EZ2 17 0.12
12^>!<olc11 96 0.11
13^>!<crm*3 28 0.11
14bishop1 9 0.11
15optical1 9 0.11
16oKo*Mag11 120 0.09
17*SoO*BIV MOCKBA1 11 0.09
18-=ASS=-CLIFF5 60 0.08
19fau12 166 0.07
20ribx5 78 0.06
21*DT*Tubylec2 34 0.06
22^>!<SQUID1 16 0.06
23^over30|^d4widoV*1 19 0.05
24oKo*Mango2 47 0.04
25Miroslav2 57 0.04
26pride.blck2 69 0.03
27*DT*^GLADIAT0R1 32 0.03
28oKo*cTh3 143 0.02
29^>!<Shantu1 48 0.02
30pride.ixaa1 67 0.01
31^>!<HEERO-2B1 70 0.01
32pride.ixsy1 89 0.01
33[ILM]^Fus1on1 120 0.01
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